Castle Shields: Frequently Asked Questions

No. Castle Shields is not an insurance company. While insurance involves a contractual agreement where one party assumes another's risk of loss in exchange for a premium, Castle Shields operates on a cost-sharing model. In this arrangement, members voluntarily contribute to share out-of-pocket costs. Castle Shields is not regulated by insurance boards or departments because it doesn't engage in insurance business. Unlike insurance, Castle Shields doesn't assess risk or assume financial liability for its members. Instead, the focus is on members supporting each other with immediate needs.

Yes. Castle Shields is available nationwide.

Castle Shields is a Texas C Corporation.

Castle Shields operates on the principle that members, along with their chosen contractors, are best equipped to make decisions regarding property repair and replacement for themselves and their families. In the event of an unexpected financial burden resulting from a covered incident or significant storm-related damage, Castle Shields members believe in collectively sharing each other's burdens. This community-based approach reflects Castle Shields' commitment to assisting members during times of crisis, fostering a culture of mutual support and shared responsibility among its members.

Since there is no "transfer of risk" involved in cost-sharing, Castle Shields does not owe any "loss" or "claim." In the event of a loss caused by a storm or similar incident, members simply have a need that can be shared. Members submit evidence of their loss to Castle Shields for evaluation according to the Member Guide. Eligible needs are then shared based on the total monthly shares collected from members. Monthly shares are both voluntary contributions and a requirement to maintain active membership in the community.

At the time of an occurrence or loss damaging a member’s premises/real property or arising from a claim under a policy insuring a member’s premises/real property specifically identified and listed in an accepted and approved membership application, resulting in a member being responsible for a deductible, the member should collect all documentation regarding the occurrence or loss, including but not limited to:

  1. All correspondence and documents sent by and received from the member and the member’s homeowner’s insurance carrier, including any insurance carrier providing umbrella coverage.
  2. All correspondence and documents sent by and received from the member and any third party making a claim against the member and/or on behalf of any third party making a claim against the member.
  3. All photographs of the damage(s) to the premises/real property or involving the alleged occurrence, loss, or claim.
  4. All bids and estimates from contractors obtained in connection with repairs to the premises/real property.
  5. All documents regarding any other alleged damages, including any alleged personal injuries.
  6. All witness statements, if any given, regarding the occurrence or loss or any claim made regarding the occurrence or loss.
  7. All emergency personnel reports, including police, fire, and Emergency Medical Technicians (“EMTs”), regarding the occurrence or loss or any claim filed regarding the occurrence or loss.
  8. All evidence of payments made in connection with the occurrence or loss, including payments made by the member and by the member’s homeowner’s property insurance carrier.
  9. All demands, pleadings, and discovery filed in any litigation arising out of any lawsuit arising from an occurrence, loss, or claim, including deposition transcripts, if any.
  10. Any and all other documents the member believes will assist Castle Shields in evaluating the member’s need.

The member then organizes his/her documents, goes online to complete the online Needs Submittal Process, and submits everything online. The online Needs Submittal Process can be accessed at www.castleshields.com/signin. If you have any questions about the Needs Submittal Process, please feel free to call Castle Shields at 1-832-858-2571 or email Castle Shields at help@castleshields.com. Castle Shields will review the need and, if shareable, then help administer a process whereby community funds are shared with the member. In summary, submit proof of loss to Castle Shields. Castle Shields will then run anti-fraud analysis through its vendor and once approved will submit payment directly to the member's account.

Upon approval and validation for accuracy, the Sharing turnaround time typically falls within the range of 15 to 60 days.

Absolutely. At Castle Shields, we firmly believe in empowering homeowners with the freedom to choose their preferred contractors or service providers.

Because the Membership is not insurance, it does not charge premiums. Castle Shields Members freely choose to assist other Members by the means of Monthly Contributions as a predetermined amount each month: called a “Share” and/or “Contribution”.